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14 December 2008 @ 11:26 pm
Very much a work in progress... No beta, not complete... It's very rough at this moment. Still feedback is golden.
Tieria is sick.Collapse )
21 June 2005 @ 12:04 am
Here is where I, FyreFaerie/FyreFlyODoom/Clearday_4ever, am posting my fics. Not only my finished ones, but my WIPs. In light of recent activities on not only LiveJournal but many other similar sites, I am restricting who I friend. This is in an effort to protect myself. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm going to such links, it's very simple. I am in a profession that requires a clean and clear criminal record. If I were to be charged with something as simple as corruption of a minor (which is how my state lists suppling adult material to a minor), my job would be gone. I'm terribly sorry for having to go to such links, I do like people reading my works, but I can not let my writing, a hobby, damage my future.

I will require you to give a version of an electronic release state. In this you, as a reader, will absolve me of any wrong doing, should you not be legally supposed to read this type of material. I've tried to make this very simple. I have supplied the release statement below, you fill in the appropriate information and send that as your reply to this post.

Note: Everything in bold must be filled in and sent as a reply to this post not to my lj inbox, otherwise I will not friend you.

I (your livejournal user name here) am (age here) and am of age according to the laws of (your home country), in which I reside. I also do hereby resolve all responsibility of the author here in of any accountably should my above statement about my age be false or the agreed upon age given on the author's profile prove incorrect. Also, I have an accurate knowledge of the meanings of the terms slash, yaoi, and homoerotica and am not offended by such things.

I will add everyone who fills this out and this will give you access to the stories. There will be no exceptions to this rule. I'm not asking for much, so please don't feel put out by this.

!If you are unsure of your country's legal age I have included a rough list on my profile.!

To clear up any misunderstandings, let me explain things a little better. First the statement must be sent as a reply to this post, making it a matter of public record. Next I require your livejournal user name. I *do not* want your real name. It really isn't any of my business. I require your age for obvious reasons. The age of majority varies from place to place. Finally, is your home country which I need for the same reason as the age statement. A person might be considered 'of age' at 16 in Iceland, but Yemen it's 21. Again, I don't care where in the country you're from; it's none of my business. I also require you to release me from responsibility if you lie about your age statement. Lastly, I try to make sure that you, as a reader, understand what could be in my fics posted here. If you don't know what slash, yaoi or homoerotica, then I would suggest looking it up.

Also, I would like to apologize for all the inconvenience of having to fill such a form out. But in this age where people will sue over anything I just can't take the chance.

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